TRED is a company focused on the successful completion of recovery projects, deal (re)structuring and ‘workouts’ in the commercial Real Estate sector. TRED aims to provide both lender and borrower with optimal and realistic solutions.

TRED strengths and competences lie in our ability to combine technical, juridical and financial experience in the Real Estate sector to produce viable and structurally sound strategies.

TRED has a combined experience of over 30 years in Real Estate investment and development. TRED has all resources to design, construct and manage Real Estate Developments.

TRED has warm relations with parties who provide legislative solutions and financial support.

Tactical Real Estate Developments

We pry stuck projects loose and we quicken stalled projects


Our clients are the local government, (institutional) investors, banks and other stakeholders involved in ‘locked’ Real Estate Projects. TRED commits to its clients in three different ways: as partner on a fee basis, on success or on participation.


TRED’s focus lies on uncompleted or under-performing commercial Real Estate projects. Projects must have potential to be and stay successful, emphasizing its location.


TRED provides solutions to avoid foreclosure or liquidation of Real Estate projects. The solutions will generally provide some measure of relief to the borrower in terms of reducing the debt-servicing burden through accommodative measures provided by the lender, such as selling the loan, adjust repayments, completing or upgrading the project to the market demand and create value. The overall goal is to generate equity and/or create a cash-flow to minimize debt and maximize revenue.